Crack the Whip EP

by Stoner Control

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Recorded and mixed by Hadrian Kindt @ The Convent
Mastered by Cora Venezia
All songs by Stoner Control except Drift Away which is by Dobie Gray I believe


released June 4, 2016

Stoner Control is Michael on drums, Marlena on bass guitar and Charley singing and playing guitar

Thanks to my mom and dad for listening to my horrible music growing up and for always telling me i was good when i was at my most self conscious. Thanks to my nodules for stealing my soul and voice, and thanks to any student of 10th planet jiu jitsu, don't kick my ass, i hope to learn your trade in the future. Thanks to my brothers in Roxbury. god bless you all #420



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Stoner Control Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Crack the Whip
There is hope there is light you can find
In the blink of an eye
You cast a line and at the drop of a dime you'll find
That it's a lustful lie
until you crack the whip and say its fine
I only die, most the time

There's a chance that it might get better but I don't put in the time
There's a chance that I might seem clever but I don't have the rights

There is love there's a bridge you can burn
If you want it enough
You live and learn to wait your turn
But still you can't survive
unless you get fucked up and let it ride
I only smile cus you're worth my while

What do you get when you don't want any part of me?
It's a joke and it's dragging you down
It's a joke told all over town

Until you crack the whip and say it's fine
Track Name: Oncoming Traffic
There you always go and break with the slightest ease
Then you let me know that i'm such a dick
Baby's on the phone and she's lying to herself
when she lets me know how I'm such a dick

Baby that's just what i needed
Maybe that just what i needed

The car's not running
There's oncoming traffic where you're coming from
If you're not careful or unwilling to take what you don't got you'll get broken right down

Baby lets me know when we're all alone
She always lets me know that I make her sick
Then she always goes and says she can't even recall
When we rode our bikes in the pouring rain

If I could you know i would give you what you want
But i can't sleep i can barely string you along

And i tried to make it all count but you slipped out and a part of me went with you
And it suck all I knew out us
It's like you're scared there's no more for me to see in you
Track Name: It's All Part of the Process
Saw you in the backyard with a pissed off look in your eye
You disappeared at the sight of me and I acted like I was surprised
Cause i used to ask why, hey but now i don't

Whose to say you're to blame?
Don't you know that drives me insane?

Saw you in the frontward you were with another guy
you disappeared at the sight of me and i acted like I was surprised
Cause I used to hold you, hey but now i don't

It's hard to believe that there's black dust in the stream
It breaks your heart to believe
to admit that's it is all just a dream

Crack, Crack, Crack the whip
Empty your can like you want me to feel it
Scenesters practice their quips
Empty their tongues like they want you to feel it
And if you could just see me today I'm racking it up like it's fucking amazing
So when you bend and when you break suck it up and say its all part of the process
Track Name: The Really Big One
I know you built this from the ground up
down background run around
Don't give me that sound
As the plates shift so slowly beneath town

And you're drop dead
so you're forgiven
until there's nothing
Yeah they're given away

We're all breaking but we can't even discover it
We're all crapped out from the lies the government spreads
Never there for me at all
Never there to break my fall so now i'm done

I know you built this from the ground
now you freak out whenever I come around
don't give me that frown
as the plates shift so slowly beneath town

And you're discovering
How good it can be
When you break out
And break routine
The sun is shining
As you're staring back at me
That's when you'll realize
That it's really just a breeze

You tell me everyday how i'm cramping your style
You love me anyway, reduce me all the while
You never clap in time and you always speak in code
I know not what you say